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4th of JULY

Women's Murder Club: Fourth in Series
By James Patterson andMaxine Paetro

Little, Brown, May 2, 2005
ISBN: 0316710601

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Once more James Patterson teams up with another novelist to add to his rising number of best sellers. In his newest, 4th of JULY he choosesMaxine Paetro, a journalist and novelist to helpin this, the fourth in his "Women's Murder Club" series.

At the opening of the book police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is called away from a relaxing dinner with friends to pursue a car thathad been spotted at several murder scenes. When the chase is over Lindsay's partner is seriously wounded, she is also wounded andshe has been forced to fire on two teenagers, Therefollows a trial where Lindsay has been accused of police brutality.

In order toescape the media until the trial, Lindsay retreats to her sister's home in Half Moon Bay. What is intended as much needed R and R turns into more work when a series of murders in the community look suspiciously like a cold case Lindsay had failed to solve years ago.

Throw in Lindsay's ongoing romance with a Homeland Security agent, a slight disagreement with the Half Moon Bay police chief and the planning of her upcoming trial and you have yet another James Patterson book that you simply cannot put down.

Although the Women's Murder Club does not figure strongly in this book the reader is still treated to the companionship that these strong women share.

Yet another winner for James Patterson in my book.

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