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by Michael Mallory

Deadly Alibi Press
January, 2000 ($15.99)
ISBN: 1-886199-06-X

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

What a clever idea. A collection of stories featuring Amelia Watson, second wife of Dr. John Watson who was the celebrated friend and colleague of Sherlock Holmes. If memory serves, Miss Mary Morstan was wife number one. She and Watson met during the case (movie) now referred to as "The Sign of Four," from the PBS Mystery! series featuring Jeremy Brett. Miss Morstan was a charming young lady, but Amelia has a bit more spunk! Amelia is a thoroughly enjoyable character.

Eleven of the stories were first published in Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine, and one new story is tossed into the mix. Each story stands alone; yet combined in this collection they are more than the sum of their parts. You can read one story if that is all time allows, or you can read several. Or even read the entire book at one sitting and then go back and reread your favorite stories at a more leisurely pace.

Michael Mallory has long been a favorite author in Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine but many of you may be surprised to learn that he has a collection of Holmesian style stories. Are you in for a treat! And may I suggest you purchase two copies of this book because friends are going to want to borrow it and you don't want to be left at the mercy of when, if ever, they return your copy.

Two questions linger in my mind though, long after reading and re-reading the stories. When will another collection of Amelia Watson stories be published and when will these stories be made into a PBS Mystery!-style television show or video?

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