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by Joyce Christmas

Fawcett, 2000 (paperback) $6.50
ISBN 0 -449-15011-9

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Joyce Christmas deftly uses a well-manicured finger of Lady Margaret Priam, daughter of the late Earl of Brayfield, lately of Manhattan, to poke fun at the tribulations of the rich and famous.

This time around, Lady Margaret does a favor for her friend, Carolyn Sue, a blond Texan with hair as big as her net worth (As Texans of all sorts will soon be back in the limelight either to fawn over or hate, the timing of the subject matter is perfect.)

The book begins as guests at a birthday party given on a penthouse terrace peer over the building’s side at a lifeless body on the pavement below. The identity of the deceased is not revealed until the end. Ms. Christmas cleverly uses the intervening pages to explain who the players are, how they came to be at the party, and what their motivations for murder might be...

Lust, greed, and jealousy season a plot with just enough twists to keep the reader guessing that brings the novel to a satisfying conclusion. Lady Margaret and her cohorts are always an amusing bunch and this outing does not disappoint.

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