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by Anthony Bourdain

Bloomsbury (September, 2000)
ISBN: 1-582-34102-8

Reviewed by Karen Meek

Tommy was born into the New York mob. After his father “disappeared” when Tommy was young, his mob uncle, Sally Wig, nick named after his ridiculous hairpiece, looked out for him. Grown up Tommy rejects the mob way of life and becomes a cook, gaining experience at several eating places until Sally gets him the job of sous-chef at the Dreadnaught Grill.

Sally has been extorting money from the restaurant’s owner Harvey but he doesn’t know that Harvey has cut a deal with the FBI to help bring the mob down for racketeering. After Tommy witnesses Sally commit murder in the Dreadnaught’s kitchen, the FBI put pressure on him. Tommy has to decide between having a future or turning in his family.

As you would expect from the author-chef, BONE IN THE THROAT is replete with food preparation descriptions. Incompetent cops, mob style dialogue, drug use, and violence abound. The author conjures up the setting vividly and the plot keeps you wondering how Tommy is going to get out of trouble. BONE IN THE THROAT is a quick and entertaining read.

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