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DECK THE HALLS By Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

Simon and Schuster, 2000 (hardcover) $18.00
ISBN 0-7432-1200-2

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Like the annual Sunday school Christmas pageant, you recognize the players and can guess how DECK THE HALLS ends. The Clark ladies, mother and daughter, have collaborated on a holiday outing for their characters Regan Reilly, Alvirah Meehan, and other usual suspects.

Set in Manhattan, at the yuletide, DECK THE HALLS is very stingy with descriptions of the seasonal magic that makes New York City unique. The characters that move the story along are all charming in their own right, but try too hard to mimic Damon Runyon.

If you like the Clark style, you’ll enjoy it as much in August as December. If you’re not a fan, you might look elsewhere.

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