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By Kate Gallison

Dell, 1998 (paperback) $5.99
ISBN 0-440-22413-6

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Mother Lavinia Grey is a somewhat non-traditional member of the traditional clergy. Still an outsider after seven years at her church in Fishersville, New Jersey, Mother Grey is ill prepared to help Shannon Smith and her father, Mark, who have brought the ashes of his mother, Mary Agnes, home to be interred beside her late husband.

“Vinnie” to close friends and an old boyfriend hoping to become a significant other except for the slight complication of his wife, considers it her Christian duty to help the Smiths find Mary Agnes’ final resting place.

Along the way, a wonderful assortment of characters both believable and somewhat improbable, adds depth and humor to a deceptively simple plot that gets more convoluted as it evolves.

Mother Lavinia is a clever twist to the country vicar character, cats and hot beverages included.

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