by Julie Parsons

Macmillan (hardcover) April 2, 2001 £10 (UKP)
ISBN: 0-333-72990-0

Reviewed by Karen Meek

Rachel Beckett is sentenced to life imprisonment in Dublin jail for the murder of her husband, a murder she didnít commit. Though she did shoot her husband in self-defence, the fatal shot was fired in cold blood by her former lover and brother-in-law, Daniel. Rachel initially lies to the police claiming it was intruders. She finally tells the truth and blames Daniel, but he has an unbreakable alibi and the police have no choice but to arrest Rachel. Not only does she lose her husband and her freedom, but also her only child, Amy, who goes into foster care.

Rachel is released from jail after twelve years but only after she admits to the murder and expresses remorse. By this time, Amy wants nothing to do with her mother. Daniel has done well for himself; heís married with children, runs the family business, and has a large house overlooking the sea.

Rachel has had twelve hard years to plan her revenge on Daniel, the man who took everything away from her and who gained so much from the death of his brother.

At first Rachel befriends Danielís children and his wife Ursula and it seems that Rachel may take her revenge by hurting them. But no, she has something more fitting in mind, she has a plan for Daniel. What he did to her, she will do to him.

The plan and its execution unfolds over the second half of the book, with plot twists right up to the final pages, where there is resolution, but no Hollywood style happy ending.

Julie Parsons writes with crisp prose and EAGER TO PLEASE is an easy to read and gripping novel which is a real page-turner. This is her third novel after the critically acclaimed MARY MARY and THE COURTSHIP GIFT and should see her become even more respected.

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