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Walker, 2000 (hardcover) $23.95
ISBN 0-8027-3351-4

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

DARK COULEE, the second in the Claire Watkins series, is even better than the first outing.

The way Logue describes the taste of the water, the feel of soil in her fingers, the way rivers flow in DARK COULEEíS rural Wisconsin bluff country setting leaves no doubt that she is an accomplished poet.

Like most of us, Claire, a crime scene investigator and single mother, is trying to live her life and enjoy the simple things, friends, children, a job well done while she puts the horrors of her husbandís death behind her.

DARK COULEE follows Claire as she works on a new relationship and struggles to solve the death of a local man that was mourned by no one, not even his own children. The secrets of a small town and horrors of farm implement mishaps give this story a very dark undertone.

Logue carefully moves the plot from light to darkness and back out into the light. Her work has a haunting quality that makes her stories far too real but very worth reading.

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