The Lost Case Files of 221B Baker St.

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

(December, 2012)

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson again involve the player in cases needing to be solved. There are 16 new cases plus 4 bonus stories.

The solutions to the cases are not particularly difficult however, finding the hidden objects in each scene is quite challenging. The solutions to the various puzzles are moderately challenging, fun but not frustrating to the level where the player feels compelled to skip the puzzle.

The graphics are a bit more detailed and some animation has been added yet neither felt like an improvement over the artwork in The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes which I had previously played. This is not a serious complaint; I just prefer the artwork from The Lost Cases to that of The Lost Case Files of 221B Baker St. however, the level of difficulty for playing the games is about the same. I have two other small complaints about this game. First, although "full screen" is listed on the menu as an option, if chosen, the result is a message reading "This layout doesn't support fullscreen." Thus the game must be played in a limited sized window. Second, the actor voicing Holmes sounds Australian not British. To me, this voice became even more annoying as the game progressed.

Listed at $9.99, I purchased this game for $6.99 with an online discount.

Game System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 800 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 7.0
Hard Drive: 263MB

Game Manager System Requirements:

Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later

Also available for Mac.

Link to: The Lost Case Files of 221B Baker St.

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