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Psychological Suspense

By Quinton Skinner

Villard (June 28, 2005) Paperback
ISBN: 0345465431

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Lewis Ingram is having a very bad year. His wife has died of cancer and the depression that he suffered afterward ends up costing him his high paying job. At the age of 47 he is working in a men's wear store selling men's clothing. His bills are piling up and he is robbing Peter to pay Paul. He is always cold as he lives in Minnesota and the antidepressants he is on makes it worse.

The good things in Lewis life are his daughter Jay, his granddaughter and a dog that they gave him as a gift. Now that too is turning sour as Jay, his 23-year-old daughter is dating a man called Stephen who seems to be taking Lewis's family away.

Jay loves her father, but feels she has failed him. She quit school at the age of 17 to have her daughter. She loves Stephen, her boyfriend, also but her father's constant interfering is making things very hard.

Lewis's depression escalates and the only way he can see out is to rid himself of the problem...Stephen. Lewis is not a violent man but things are happening fast in his mixed up world.

When Stephen begins to hear his dead wife talking to him things escalate. This a a cold, cold book. The weather is cold, the emotions are cold and the ending is frozen. Needless to say, with a warm woolly blanket wrapped around me, I finished it and enjoyed it.

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